Wisewool puffer jackets

Wise Wool New Zealand is a company with a desire to bring the wool industry back to its best. Wool has long been a cornerstone of Aotearoa's industry and identity. But when a sharp shift in consumerism saw manufacturers sidetracked by synthetics, our famed natural super fibre fell from favour. Wool prices took a hit, and farmers bore the brunt of it.

At Wynn Hamlyn, we saw the opportunity to help bring awareness back to this lesser known NZ wool - Strong wool. We saw the chance to work with a truly New Zealand fibre, that is natural, doesn't shed micro-plastics and has a significantly lower carbon footprint. Its natural resilience also gives wool products a longer lifespan than their manufactured counterparts.

Wise wool buds contain no synthetic additives. The wool coarse wool fibres that give it its natural spring, over time, will begin to felt together and cause the buds to mat together. As a result some maintenance is required to keep the garment bouncy and full.

Once or twice per year, or when the jacket feels less full, the wool needs to be removed and teased and then put back in. The garment has been designed with a series of zips to allow access to every pocket of wool.

** Be careful to only remove one pocket at a time as each one has been specifically weighed for that pocket

This design means that not only can the wool be maintained, it can be completely removed allowing the jacket to become a windbreaker. The wool buds can be stored in the pouch inside the chest pocket.

Wisewool nz tracable wool

The wool buds used in the Wynn Hamlyn X Wisewool Puffers come from:

Sunworth, 290 Totangi Road, Gisborne 4072

Otoka, 5319 Matawai Road, Te Karaka 4092

Te Kopae, 3572 Warekopae Road, Rere 4072